Add an Image to a Help Item

Applies to: VisualSP
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You can add an image to the following three Help Item Media Types:
  1. Image
  2. Rich HTML
  3. Walkthrough

Image Media Type


If you are using VisualSP to support a non-SharePoint application, you will need to store your media in a location that is accessible by your users.

If you are storing your images in a SharePoint document library or image library, here are the steps for capturing the image URL:
  1. Select the image
  2. Click Copy link:

  3. Change the share configuration to "People with existing access".

  4. Paste this URL into the URL or Path to Help Media window
  5. Click the Preview button to verify image is correct

Rich HTML / Walkthrough

  1. The process is the same for Rich HTML and Walkthrough Media Types.
    1. Rich HTML: Scroll down to the Rich HTML control and click Insert > Image.
    2. For a Walkthrough, click on the Walkthrough Builder tab (or click on the Switch to Walkthrough Builder button), and in the Content control click Insert > Image.
  1. Paste the image URL into the Source field. Image description and Dimensions are optional. Click Ok.
  2. The image will appear in the window.

Drag and Drop

If your image is on your computer, you can also simply drag and drop the image into the walkthrough or Rich HTML edit window.
Updated on January 22, 2021

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