Adding a Feedback Form button

Applies to: VisualSP
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We have already gone over how to create a help item that opens a feedback form. This article will cover using jQuery to insert a button that opens the feedback form from the side panel.

The jQuery code will need to be inserted onto the page using a Script Editor web part. Of course this is only possible on a Classic page, however there may be something available from GitHub that would allow this code to be inserted into a Modern page.

After inserting a Script Editor web part, paste this jQuery script into the web part:

<button onclick="if (!$('#visualsp-iframe-container').hasClass('open')) { $('#visualsp-iframe').attr('src', ''); $('#visualsp-handle').click(); }; return false;">Show Feedback</button>

Make sure there is an email address configured to receive the feedback. To check, open the Manage My Subscription screen and scroll down to the Look and Feel section. Here you will find the Feedback Email Address field.

To test, click your Feedback button, fill in some comments and submit. You should receive an email that will look similar to this:

You can always customize the design of the button with CSS.

Updated on December 20, 2023

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