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Adding App Scopes to other applications

Applies to: VisualSP Online
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VisualSP is not just for SharePoint and Office 365 anymore. You can now load our application onto any platform and create your own custom help items that will display in that application.


These are instructions for customers who already have VisualSP installed in SharePoint Online or Office 365. If you do not have a SharePoint Online or Office 365 subscription, we will have instructions for you shortly.

If you click on the Manage Subscription link from the hamburger menu in the help panel, subscription administrators will see an App Scopes tab:

When you first go to the Apps Scope tab, it will be empty. There will be a message saying you will need to go to the App Scope Groups to create a group first.

Click on the App Scope Groups tab and give your new group a name, an optional description, and a Sort Order with a value of 5000 or higher. Click Save.

Now click on the App Scopes tab and click on Add a Scope button.

Add a title and description, and select the app scope group you created earlier.

Once you click Save, a script tag will be generated. Click the file icon to save it to your clipboard.

Next, open the application where you would like to add VisualSP and paste the script tag into the header.

Creating Help Items for your new App Scope


In order for the VisualSP Help tab to appear in your new application, you will need to download our extension.

Once the tab appears, click the tab to extend the help panel and Enable Editing from the hamburger menu. Click Add Help Item. In the Help item editor window, click the App Scope drop down and select the new app scope you just created.

Create your custom help item as you normally would. When saved, the help item will appear in the new application. VSP anywhere.


VisualSP only provides content for SharePoint and Office 365. If VisualSP is used in any other application, you will need to create your own help content.

Updated on November 22, 2019

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