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Applies to: VisualSP
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Do your users ignore company email? Do you ignore company email? Say goodbye to missed email communications because VisualSP has a better solution!

Now, instead of your Communications team relying exclusively on email to alert users to important events or due dates, they can now leverage the power of VisualSP to deliver in-context, moment-of-need communications in the form of a splash screen on the user's desktop where they are sure to take notice.

This support article will provide some ideas that you can copy for your own needs. Each example can be downloaded as a zip file and imported into your environment.

  1. To use one of these examples, extract the contents of the zip file to a folder. Open your application to the page you want the splash screen to appear. (This could be your company portal, human resources, legal, etc. Remember, VisualSP help items are context sensitive.)
  2. Open the Help panel by clicking the Help tab and Enable Editing from the hamburger menu.
  3. Click the green Add Help Item button:

  4. When the Template window opens, click the Manage Groups tab and create a new group called Announcements. All of these samples have been assigned to the announcements category. Click Save then click the Help Item tab.
  5.  Click the Import Help Items button in the left navigation panel:

  6. Click Yes on the Unsaved Changes popup:

  7. Click Choose File and select the JSON file from the extracted ZIP contents. Then click Import:

  8. You will see an Import Successful message:

  9. The Editor window is now configured with the parameters of your walkthrough. To customize the Help item to your specific needs, pay particular attention to the following fields:
    1. Auto Show on Load. By default, the Auto Show On Load is set to 1, meaning the first time a user loads the page, the Help item will automatically appear. In tandem with this option, you can also set a date range (useful for an alert with a start and/or end date).

    2. If you want to limit your announcement to a single page URL, add the URL to the URL Filter:

    3. Click on the Walkthrough Builder tab and review the walkthrough content window. Update the text to match your requirements.
    4. Preview your changes then remember to save your work. Then you're done!

Service Interruption Alert

Download file

Company Holiday schedule

Download file

All hands meeting reminder

Download file

Maintenance Outage

Download file

Benefit Open Enrollment

Download file Offices closing early due to inclement weather

Download file

Lunch-N-Learn reminder

Download file

On-call assignments

Download file

Time sheets due reminder

Download file      
Updated on June 23, 2021

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