Auto-advance a walkthrough

Applies to: VisualSP
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You may have a scenario where you would like a walkthrough to advance automatically. You can accomplish this using the Click a DOM element if present event:

You'll add this from the Events section of the walkthrough builder. It should be added to the On Show event.

The If selector and the Click selector will be the Done button on a single step walkthrough, or the Next button on a multi-step walkthrough.

First, preview the walkthrough and don't close it out.

Click Select element from the If Selector field.

Use your cursor to highlight and click the Done button (if a single step walkthrough) or Next button (if a multi-step walkthrough)

Then click Use It!

Select the same element for the Click Selector:

Put a number into the Delay field. This is in milliseconds so if you want to have the step close after 2 seconds, put 2000 into the field:

Adjust as needed.
Updated on November 8, 2023

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