Auto show on load – on-prem

Applies to: VisualSP Classic
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Any help item can be configured to automatically appear on the page when a user visits that page. For example, when a user visits a SharePoint team site home page for the first time, they would be shown a specific help item.

To configure a help item to auto show on load, edit the help item and scroll down to the Auto Load section:

Auto Show on Load has a default value of “0”, meaning the help item will NOT show automatically at any time. If the field is set to “1”, it will show only on the first visit to the page. If the field is set to “2”, the Help item will only show on the second visit. It will not show on any other page visit.

As the administrator, it’s sometimes hard to verify this feature is working properly because every time you visit a page where your Help item is scoped to, VisualSP increments a visit counter. So it’s nearly impossible to guess at what number should be put into that field. One trick is to configure the Auto Show After date with tomorrow’s date. This will reset the visit counter on that date and you will get an accurate test of the Auto Show on Load feature.

You can also open the page in a new Incognito window. This will act like a first visit to the page.

Updated on November 5, 2019

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