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Configure the VisualSP app to display in private mode

Applies to: VisualSP
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Configuring the VisualSP app to display in private mode allows you to access the VisualSP Help tab even when browsing privately. This feature ensures that you can continue to benefit from VisualSP's in-context user training, regardless of your browsing preferences. Here's how you can easily set up VisualSP to display in private mode on popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

You can view the VisualSP Help tab in your browser's private mode through a simple configuration.


In Chrome, go to More tools > Extensions. Find the VisualSP app and click on Details.

Select the option to Allow in incognito.


Go to Extensions and click Details for the VisualSP - In-context user training extension.

Select Allow in InPrivate


Go to Add-ons (Ctrl-Shift-A) > and click the 3 ellipses for VisualSP Training for Office 365 and select Manage.

Select Allow in the Run in Private Windows section:


Accessing VisualSP in private mode is a convenient way to continue benefiting from its user training features while maintaining your privacy preferences. By following the simple steps outlined for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, you can seamlessly integrate VisualSP into your private browsing experience.

Updated on February 14, 2024

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