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This page contains a log of all content that is either new, updated, or has been deleted, from December 15, 2020, onward. Click to download a .CSV file of content current as of 12/15/2020.  
Date Name of Help item App Scope Type of Update
12/16/2020 Delete a Calendar Calendar New
12/16/2020 Change your background Teams New
12/18/2020 Get started with Microsoft Lists SharePoint Online New
12/18/2020 Add flair to your email with emojis E-Mail New
12/23/2020 Introduction to managed metadata SharePoint Online New
12/23/2020 Set or change table properties Word Online New
12/28/2020 Download a copy of a document to my computer Word Online New
12/29/2020 Turn AutoCorrect on or off E-Mail New
12/29/2020 Change or update email account settings E-Mail New
12/30/2020 Print in black and white E-Mail New
01/05/2021 Create and send a news digest SharePoint Online New
01/06/2021 How do I turn on AutoSave? Excel Online New
01/06/2021 Use and configure the Reading Pane to preview messages E-Mail New
01/07/2021 Change the column order SharePoint Online New
01/11/2021 Save a message as a file E-Mail New
01/11/2021 Configure a Business Data Connectivity service application in SharePoint Server SharePoint On-prem New
01/12/2021 Wrap text in a cell Excel Online New
01/13/2021 Forms has a new start page Forms New
01/14/2021 Customize a form for a SharePoint list Power Apps New
01/19/2021 Switch the default experience from new to classic SharePoint Online New
01/19/2021 Set page margins before printing a worksheet Excel Online New
01/19/2021 Change the default open behavior for documents SharePoint Online New
01/20/2021 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar Microsoft 365 Basics New
01/20/2021 Calculate values in a PivotTable Excel Online New
01/20/2021 Set language preferences in Office Microsoft 365 Basics New
01/21/2021 Insert, move, or delete page breaks Excel Online New
Updated on January 21, 2021

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