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This page contains a log of all content that is either new or updated from September 1, 2021 onward. Click to download a .CSV file of content current as of 8/31/2022.
Date Name of Help Item App Scope Type of Update
08/5/2022 Collaborate with Sway Sway New
08/5/2022 How to restrict access to a folder SharePoint Online New
08/8/2022 Word wrap in a text field Word Online New
08/9/2022 Automate common or repetitive tasks with Quick Steps Email Online New
08/12/2022 Use built-in captions Teams New
08/18/2022 Adding a shared mailbox Email Online New
08/18/2022 Insert a Microsoft form into a PowerPoint Forms New
08/18/2022 Change the language Sway New
08/18/2022 Set up Microsoft To Do To Do New
08/23/2022 Add a video to question Forms New
09/2/2022 Create a Form from Excel Forms New
09/14/2022 Create a macro Excel Online New
09/16/2022 Format a date the way you want Excel Online New
09/19/2022 Format faster in Word Online Word Online New
09/19/2022 Pick a better ribbon for Word Word Online New
09/19/2022 Comments or Conversations? Word Online New
09/23/2022 Add columns to a Word document Word Online New
09/23/2022 How to move rows Excel Online New
11/1/2022 Copy a list Microsoft Lists New
11/3/2022 Did you find what you're looking for? Dynamics New
11/7/2022 Create recurring tasks Planner New
11/18/2022 How to create a FindTime poll Email New
12/7/2022 Record your screen using Microsoft Stream Stream New
12/7/2022 Troubleshoot screen recording issues Stream New
1/4/2023 Snooze an email for attention later Calendar New
1/17/2023 Add a person to a meeting Calendar New
1/17/2023 Remove an attachment Email New
1/17/2023 Create a workspace PowerBI New
1/17/2023 Understanding variables in canvas apps Power Apps New
1/17/2023 Check your voicemail Teams New
1/17/2023 Create an email message template Email New
1/23/2023 Prevent Outlook from automatically creating a Teams meeting Calendar New
1/23/2023 Edit a form Forms New
1/26/2023 Make someone my delegate Calendar New
Updated on February 2, 2023

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