Controlling how often a help item displays

Applies to: VisualSP
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Controlling the frequency of auto-loading for help items is a crucial aspect of tailoring user experiences within VisualSP. While currently, the system supports configuring the number of times a help item will auto-load and limiting the auto-load to a specific date range, achieving a once-per-day limit directly isn't available through standard configurations. However, we've outlined several effective workarounds to help you achieve a similar result:

1. URL Filter for Placement Control:
Utilize a URL filter to limit where the help item appears. By strategically applying URL filters, you can control the contexts in which the help item is triggered, effectively managing its visibility and ensuring it auto-loads only where relevant.

2. Banner Usage with User Interaction:
Employing a banner is an effective strategy. Configure the banner to cease appearing after the user clicks the 'x,' providing a manual control mechanism for users to dismiss the help item once they have engaged with its content.

3. Inline Help with Attention-Grabbing Features:
Opt for an inline help item and configure it to pulse, drawing immediate attention. Additionally, set it up to disappear after being clicked, providing users with an interactive and self-directed experience.

4. Multiple Copies with Limited Auto-Show:
Create multiple copies of the help item, each set to auto-show only once. By configuring a start and end date of one day for each copy, you effectively achieve a once-per-day auto-load behavior. This approach allows for a nuanced control over the frequency of the help item presentation without direct support for a daily limit.

These workarounds offer flexible solutions to achieve the desired outcome of limiting the auto-load of help items to once per day within the existing feature set of VisualSP. Choose the method that best aligns with your specific needs and seamlessly integrate it into your user engagement strategy.

Updated on January 10, 2024

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