Create a Video Help Item

Applies to: VisualSP
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To give your users customized and optimized contextual help, create new video Help Items.


Only users who have administration rights can create a Help Item. Only videos in .mp4 format can be added as Help Items.

To add a video as a Help Item, go to the VisualSP Help System Management tab and populate the properties.

  1. Get ready the hosting url of the video, e.g.
  2. Click on the top right menu icon and click Enable Edit Mode.

  3. Click on Add Help Item. The Template Gallery will open. Click on the Blank Help Item template. The Help editor will open.

  4. From the Viewer / Media Type drop-down menu, select Video.
  5. In the Title field, enter the title of the video, e.g. Using Site Search.
  6. In the Description field, enter details about the video Help Item, e.g. Watch how to use the Search feature to find information on a SharePoint Site.
  7. Copy the url of the hosted video and paste it in the URL or Path to Help Media field.
  8. From the Group drop-down menu, select the heading under which the Help Item will be listed, e.g. Get around in SharePoint. The default group is “Did you know…?”
  9. From the Icon drop-down menu, select Video.
  10. Scroll to the bottom and click on Save. The video Help Item, "Using Site Search", will be now listed under Get around in SharePoint.

  11. To preview the Help Item, click on the VisualSP tab, if not open yet.
  12. Click on Get around in SharePoint heading and then on the title of the Help Item. Notice that there is a superscript "New" next to the title of your newly created Help Item. The video Help Item will open.

  13. To continue working on your tasks while following steps from the video, or have an interface side by side with the help Item, click on the Popout icon at the top right corner of the video.

Repeat the same steps to add more video Help Items for your users.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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