Creating a Multi-page Walkthrough

Applies to: VisualSP
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With VisualSP, you can create a walkthrough that steps through multiple pages.


Multi-page walkthroughs can only be created using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Sample Challenge

I would like to create a walkthrough that guides the user from a SharePoint site home page to the Document Library page to upload a document.


Although SharePoint is used in this example, VisualSP can be used with any browser-based application.


From the VisualSP Help window > Admin menu, click Enable Edit Mode:

Click the Add Item button:

Select the Blank Help Item template:

The blank template will open.

Select Walkthrough as the Viewer/Media Type:

Give your Help item a Title and Description (optional), and click on Walkthrough Steps:

Give the Step a Title, then click on the Target Element selector:

In this example, we will anchor the bubble to the Documents link. 

Click “Use It!” in the dialogue at the bottom of the page:

Back in the Management screen, click on the Advanced Properties section (right under “Core Properties”) and toggle “Advance When Target Clicked” and “Next Step is on a New Page” to YES.


Important: To select an element on the next page of your multi-page walkthrough, pop the editor out into its own window:

Create the next step by clicking the Add Step button:

In your browser, navigate to the Documents page on your SharePoint site to navigate to the Document Library. 

In the Management screen, Core Properties section, give the step a title, then click on the Target Element selector:

On your Document Library page, select the target element to anchor the bubble:

Click “Use It!” in the dialogue at the bottom of the page:

Navigate to the homepage of your SharePoint site. Click the Preview Walkthrough button to test:

When you are happy with your walkthrough, remember to click the Save Help Item button to save your work.

Updated on January 3, 2024

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