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Customize the help tab in VisualSP

Applies to: VisualSP
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VisualSP Subscription Administrators can customize the look and feel of VisualSP through the Manage My Subscription > Application Settings page to make the application blend in better with your environment.

Application Settings

Go to the hamburger menu and select Manage My Subscription. Scroll down to the Application Settings section. Here is where you can:
  1. Upload a custom Tab and App icon
  2. Change the Help tab text. Leave this field blank to display the number of help items for the page instead:

  3. Change the default tab position
  4. Upload a custom icon for inline help
  5. Replace the help icon in the O365 suite bar with a VisualSP icon
  6. Change the Application Title
  7. Add your email address to receive feedback from your users

Configuring VisualSP with your own custom icons and application titles will help user adoption of the application as end users will be more likely to click on an application they feel is part of their organization. Check out our custom icon sets you can use to customize your interface. customize the help tab
Updated on August 30, 2022

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