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Applies to: VisualSP
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Exporting Help Items

Help items can be exported as a whole as a CSV file. This is helpful if you need to analyze or report on your catalog of help items. If you have custom help items that you want to move to another farm, or would like to backup your help content, you can "Export selected content" as a .json file, which is the required file format for importing back into VisualSP.


.json files can also be used for bulk editing. Using a text editor, use find and replace to make your changes to the .json file, then upload back into VisualSP.

To Export Help items:

  1. From the VisualSP Help window, click on Click here to view the entire gallery of help items.

Alternatively, go to the help panel menu > Manage My Subscription. When the VisualSP  Help System Management window opens, click on the Help Items tab. This will take you to the same place as in Step 1.

  1. If you want to export ALL Help items, click on the "Export as CSV" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If you would like to export only your custom Help items, use the Customization Status column and filter to show only "Custom" to narrow the results.
  3. Select the Help items either individually or by clicking the Select All icon at the top of the column.
  4. Click on the Export Selected Items button.
  5. A .json file will be downloaded to your computer.

If you intend to import help items back into VisualSP, you will need to use this method.

Importing Help Items

  1. In your new environment, open up the gallery of help items as you did in Step 1 above.
  2. Click on the Import Items button.
  3. In the Import Help Items window, select the .json file you downloaded in Step 5 above. Click Import.
  4. You will see an Import Successful message popup on your screen. Your Help items were successfully imported.

Exporting/Importing Individual Help Items

There is also the option of exporting and importing individual Help items. This is useful if you would like to add the same help item to a different application.

  1. With the Help item in Edit mode, click the Export button. The Help item will be downloaded as a .json file.

  2. Next, go to the Template gallery by clicking the New Help Item in the side menu and click on the Application drop down to switch to the Application in which you would like to import the help item.

  3. In the side menu click on Import Help Item.

  4. Choose the .json file you downloaded earlier. Click Import.
  5. You will see an Import Successful message.
  6. Select the Publish radio button and click Save.

Your Help item is now available in your other application.

Updated on June 23, 2021

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