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Export/import the Help item JSON file – online

Applies to: VisualSP Online
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For quick editing of the Help items in your online environment, you can export the Help item JSON file and then quickly and easily edit the file using a text editor.

Export Process

  1. Go to the gallery of help items by clicking the Click here to view the entire gallery of help items in the VisualSP Help panel:

  2. Select all items:

  3. Click the Export Selected Items button at the bottom:

This will export the Help items as a JSON file, which you can then edit using a text editor.

Import Process

  1. At the bottom of the Help item gallery window, click on Import Items
  2. Browse for the file you just edited
  3. Check the box to Overwrite existing items
  4. Click Import

The All Help Items view with its import and export functionality is really a powerful feature when you’re trying to make changes across many Help items.

Updated on August 16, 2019

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