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Export/Import the Help item JSON file

Applies to: VisualSP
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For quick editing of the Help items in your online environment, you can export the Help item JSON file and then quickly and easily edit the file using a text editor.

You need to be a Subscription Administrator to see this feature.

Export Process

  1. Open the Help panel and click on the hamburger menu and select Manage My Subscription.
  2. Click the Help Items tab:

  3. Use the column filters to display the help items you want:

  4. When you are satisfied with your filter, select all items:

  5. Click the Export Selected Items button at the bottom:

This will export the Help items as a JSON file, which you can then edit using a text editor.

Import Process

  1. At the bottom of the Help item gallery window, click on Import Items
  2. Browse for the file you just edited
  3. Check the box to Overwrite existing items
  4. Click Import

Exporting/Importing Individual Help Items

There is also the option of exporting and importing individual Help items. This is useful if you would like to add the same help item to a different application.

  1. With the Help item in Edit mode, click the Export button. The Help item will be downloaded as a .json file.

  2. Next, go to the Template gallery by clicking the New Help Item in the side menu and click on the Application drop down to switch to the Application in which you would like to import the help item.

  3. In the side menu click on Import Help Item.

  4. Choose the .json file you downloaded earlier. Click Import.
  5. You will see an Import Successful message.
  6. Select the Publish radio button and click Save.

Your Help item is now available in your other application.

The All Help Items view with its import and export functionality is really a powerful feature when you're trying to make changes across many Help items.
Updated on January 3, 2024

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