Exporting and Importing Help Items – on-prem

Applies to: VisualSP Classic
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You may export Help items from one site collection and import them into another by using the buttons in the Import/Export group of the Manage Help Items ribbon. You can also export help items to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or many other programs. This can be useful for reporting purposes.


Navigate to the Manage VisualSP Help Items page in the site collection from which you would like to export help items. If you don’t want to export all help items, select the items you do want to export by checking the checkbox to the left of each on. Click the Export Items icon on the Manage Help Items ribbon.

In the Export Help Items dialog, select the locales for which you do want to export; by default, content for all locales will be exported. If you want to import the exported help items into another site collection, select the XML Export Format. Click the Export button.

Respond yes to the prompt to save VisualSPHelpItems.xml. The file size is generally small and can be easily transported.

Navigate to the site collection into which you want to import these items. Before you import any items, check to see if it is inheriting items from a parent help provider hub. Click Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage VisualSP Help Provider Settings. Notice if the Inherit Help Items box is checked or not.

Return to the Site Settings page by clicking your browser’s back button. Click Manage VisualSP Help Items. If this site is inheriting Help items (like shown in image above) then you may not see any existing Help items in the Manage VisualSP Help Items page. Any Help items you add to a site collection that is inheriting Help items will appear in addition to the inherited Help items.

Click the Import Help Items button in the Manage Help Items ribbon. Click the Browse button, navigate to the VisualSPHelpItems.xml file you exported previously, and select it. Select whether or not you want to overwrite any existing help items and click the Import button. The imported Help items will appear on the Manage VisualSP Help Items page in this site collection.

If you chose the CSV Export Format, you can open the file in Excel. This is a great way to get a better overall view of how your help items are configured.


Updated on July 9, 2019

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