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Getting Started for VisualSP Subscription Admins

Applies to: VisualSP
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This support article is targeted toward new customers of VisualSP, specifically:
  • The IT team who will be deploying VisualSP across your organization
  • Users who will be administering VisualSP as the Subscription Administrator, and
  • Product owners who would like guidance on rolling out VisualSP to their users.

IT Team

VisualSP can be installed, or deployed, in a variety of ways. Your deployment approach will depend upon whether or not your organization is using Office 365. If your organization will be using Office 365, you will need to deploy our browser extension in order to view our Help tab. As a best practice, we recommend deploying VisualSP as a custom action onto your SharePoint Online environment even if you will also need to deploy our browser extension. For a full explanation of your deployment options, read through the VisualSP Installation / Deployment Options support article for guidance.

Subscription Administrator

The Subscription Administrator is responsible for managing the VisualSP application. Subscription Administrators have full access to the subscription and can do the following:
  • Manage users
  • Manage permissions for all app scopes and create/delete security groups for all app scopes
  • View analytics
  • Edit/Add/Delete all help items and groups
  • View draft items

Manage My Subscription

As a Subscription Administrator you have access to the Manage My Subscription option in the hamburger menu: The VisualSP Help System Management screen has 6 tabs plus a link to Support:

In the Look and Feel section, you can change the VisualSP tab icons to make the application blend in better with your environment.

You can also display the help tab on the suite bar, replace the tab text, change the default tab position, update the application title, and enter an email address to receive copies of any feedback that is submitted by your users through our application. On this page you will also find additional information, some of it read-only, about your subscription, such as your license expiration date, number of users your license allows, your license type, the name of the primary contact listed on your subscription, and a list of content packs included with your subscription.


You can use VisualSP on any web-based application and create your own custom help items that will display in that application. Detailed instructions are available on our Adding App Scopes to other applications support article.


On the Manage Permissions page you can set up groups for App Administrators and Editors. Click the green "Add Group" button, give it a name, select the role from the drop down, specify a scope, and add one or more users. Click Save. Learn more about managing permissions here.


The Manage Users page will show you who is using VisualSP. If you have more users than the number of licenses, you can block unwanted users. You can also import or export users.

Help Items

The Help Items page lists all of the Help items available through your subscription.


The Analytics page gives you detailed specifics about VisualSP usage. Learn more about Analytics here.


The Support tab will take you to our Support Portal where you will find lots of additional Help articles on installing, configuring, customizing, and using VisualSP.

Product Owners

As a product owner, an important first step toward user adoption of VisualSP in your organization is the proper introduction to the tool through corporate communication. Here is some content you are free to use as part of your communication to introduce VisualSP to your users.


Here is a sample email template you can send out to your users as an introduction to VisualSP:
Instead of trying to fill your brain with training materials that you may or may not remember when you need it, we are instead providing you the Need Help? tab from VisualSP which will you help you at your moment-of-need. Whenever you need help or have a question, just look for the Need Help? tab on your screen or small inline help icons. Those will guide you and help you in context of your own environment wherever and whenever you need it most! The help items are in the form of quick walkthroughs, short video tutorials or access to the applications you need access to. For example, if you need to know your PTO allocations, you can head over to the Need Help? tab and click on My PTO Allocations which will show you your information.  
Your feedback is welcomed so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



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Updated on March 31, 2020

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