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How and why to use the ‘hide VisualSP tab’ functionality

Applies to: VisualSP
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There could be situations where you, as a VisualSP Administrator, would like to have the functionality of inline help and auto-load Help content but to also hide the VisualSP Help tab from your users. For example, maybe your business needs are to provide help to your users through the use of inline help, or to use auto-load banners for important announcements but you have a strict 'look and feel' policy that doesn't allow for the addition of the help tab, itself. There is a way to have the best of both worlds - utilize VisualSP's functionality but also to hide the Help tab from users. Here's how.

Hiding the VisualSP Help tab from your users

In the Help panel menu, click on Manage My Subscription

and scroll down to the Look and Feel section.

Click on Toggle Look and Feel Advanced Properties.

Click on switch to batch edit.

Scroll through the applications and select the ones where you wish to hide the Help tab.

When you are finished, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your selections.

At this point, the VisualSP Help tab will be hidden from your users. You as the VisualSP Administrator will still need to access the Help content so you can make your updates, schedule Help items to auto-load, or create new inline Help items. One option is to leave the Help tab visible in the SharePoint Online Admin Center. This way only users with this level of access will be able to see the Help tab. If you don't have access to the SharePoint Online Admin Center, you can leave the help tab visible on a less-visited application such as Power BI or Power Apps, and toggle the Replace Microsoft 365 Help (?) Icon and Show the VisualSP Help Tab both to 'Yes'.

This way you will still have access to the VSP editor, but the tab will be replaced by a VisualSP icon in the suite bar in those applications.

Editing Help items

To edit help items on your site, follow these steps.

Assuming you have followed the suggestion above and you have left the help tab (or made it available from the suite bar) visible in Power BI, open the Help panel, activate edit mode from the menu, and click the green Add Help Item button. The editor will open.

Click the Popout button to put the editor into its own window:

In the browser window, navigate to the page or application you wish to add inline help or an auto-load help item to.

In the editor window, change the application to match the location in your browser.

Create your help item as you normally would.


If you are making a help item anywhere in SharePoint Online, make sure you select the proper Scope with a check mark.


Updated on August 26, 2020

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