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How Group headings work in the Help panel

Applies to: VisualSP
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In the process of creating comprehensive documentation or content in the Editor window, organizing information is paramount. Group headings play a crucial role in this organizational strategy, enabling users to categorize and streamline items within the Help panel window effectively. These are what group headings look like in the help panel:

Assigning Items to Groups:

To associate an item with a specific group, users can follow a simple process in the Editor window. A group must be created and named before assigning items to it. Until an item is assigned to a group, the group itself will not be visible in the Help panel.

You assign an item to a Group in the Editor window:

To edit, or create a new group heading, hover over the navigation drawer on the left side of the Editor window until it expands. Subsequently, click on Manage Groups to access the group management interface:

Creating a new Group:

Click the Add Group button to initiate the creation of a new group:

Or select a group name to edit it:

Enter the name for the new group, an optional description, and the sequence number. The sequence number controls the ordering of the groups in the help panel. Use increments of 5 or 10 to make it easier to add or reorder groups in the future.

Click save. The new group name will now be available in the group name drop down list.

Best Practices:

Logical Grouping: Create groups that logically categorize items, ensuring a coherent and user-friendly organization in the Help panel.

Consistent Naming: Use clear and consistent naming conventions for groups, enhancing user understanding and navigation.

Regular Review: Periodically review and adjust sequence numbers to accommodate changes and maintain an intuitive order in the Help panel.

By employing these steps and best practices, users can efficiently utilize group headings to enhance the structure and accessibility of content within the Help panel window.

Updated on February 1, 2024

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