How to Clean Your User List

Applies to: VisualSP
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To maintain privacy boundaries and minimize the level of trust required for our solution, we currently don't integrate with a customer's Active Directory to sync a customer's employee list with the VisualSP user list. Periodically, you may need to block users who no longer require access in order to stay within your license count.

Here are a couple of ways to clean up your user list.

  1. Ask your HR department to generate a CSV file of employees that have left the company since the last time you trimmed your user list. The CSV file should only include 3 columns: Email, LastName, FirstName. There should be a value for each field in each column.
    1. In the VisualSP Help System Management window, click the Users tab, and then the Blocked Users tab.
    2. Click the Import Blocked Users button and select the CSV file you received from HR.

    3. Click Import. You will see a green message popup confirming the file was successfully imported, and the Blocked Users list will refresh to include the imported names.

Now those names won't count against your license.

If HR is unable to provide you with a file of employees who have left the company, then request a file of current employees. Send that file to with a note explaining what you would like to do and our support engineers will be happy to clean your user list for you.

Updated on January 17, 2023

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