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How to create a support ticket Help item

Applies to: VisualSP
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VisualSP makes a great tool for providing help when and where your end users need it most - rather than making them seek it out on their own. Sometimes other types of content, destinations, and forms are just as difficult for your users to find on-demand. These other resources become much more accessible and powerful when you use VisualSP to deliver them in real-time where they are relevant. One example is your organization's basic support ticket form.

With VisualSP, you can easily create a help item that allows your users to fill out a support ticket in the help item itself, either using a SharePoint list or any other ticketing platform. This tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a support ticket help item using a SharePoint list.

Creating the SharePoint list

SharePoint now has several list templates that would make excellent help items. Refer to these for inspiration. In this tutorial we're going to use the Issue Tracker template.

We've renamed the list to Support_Tickets. This is what your out of the box Support_Tickets list will look like (click for larger view):

You can customize the list to suit your needs. Next, click on the New button

to open the New item window and click Copy link:

Creating the Help Item

In this scenario, we will want to display the Help item across all application scopes in the Microsoft 365 environment. To do that, open the Help panel, and Enable Edit Mode:

Click Add Help Item:

In the Template Gallery click the Application scope dropdown and select All Applications:

Creating your Help item in the All Applications scope will display this help item across all applications in Microsoft 365. Choose Web Page as the Media Type:

Give the Help item a Title. This is what will be displayed in the Help panel.

In the Web page URL field, paste the link you copied earlier.

When you click the Preview button, it will look like this:

Choose the appropriate Group name, then save your Help item.

Your Help item will now appear across all applications under the Announcements group heading in the Help panel:

Now your users have easy access to your ticketing system across all applications within your Microsoft 365 environment!
Updated on June 21, 2021

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