How to delete a help item

Applies to: VisualSP
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You may have a help item (you think) you no longer need. You can always delete it, but here are some other options to consider.

  1. You can always hide a help item from your end users instead of deleting it. If you delete it, you may have remorse 8 months later when you wish you still had it around. Once a help item is deleted, there is no recycle bin to turn to. Being mindful of this, you can just put the help item into draft mode by selecting the Draft radio button in the bottom right of the editor window:

Placing the help item into Draft mode hides it from your end users, but you will still see it in the help panel with a "draft" tag:

In the future if you ever need to show it to your users, just click the edit icon to open it in the Editor window and click the Published radio button to make it available again.

  1. Use the URL filter and configure it to appear on 'hidden' pages:

This configuration will hide the help item throughout your site (because the URL filter is configured to only show the help item on any page with '' in the URL), but it will still be discoverable when the user does a search. This is handy if you want to pare down the number of help items appearing in the help panel, but you would still like to make it available to your users.

If you are still sure you would like to delete the help item, we recommend first exporting the help item and storing it in an archive in case you have a need for it in the future. To export a help item, just click the Export button at the bottom of the Editor window:

This will download a JSON file, which you can easily import back into your environment by clicking the Import button in the Editor window:

  1. Once you have safely exported the help item, you can delete it by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the screen:

Updated on December 8, 2020

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