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How to Redirect a User to Another Page

Applies to: VisualSP
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You may have a situation where you want to automatically redirect users off of a page for security reasons or corporate policy reasons. Whatever the reason, we have you covered! You can program a redirect using a VisualSP walkthrough. Here's how you do it.

Create a Walkthrough

Go to the page you want to setup your redirect and create a single step walkthrough. Set up the Core Properties this way:

  1. Configure the walkthrough as splash screen.
  2. Toggle on the Show Call-to-Action Button.
  3. Add text to the Call-to-Action Label.
  4. Click Manage button link

This will take you to the Events section.

  1. Add the URL you want the page to redirect to

Save the walkthrough then click the Preview button. Important! Keep the walkthrough open while you configure the next step.

In the Events section:

  1. Select On Show from the Select an event to edit field
  2. Choose Click a DOM element if present from the dropdown then click Add Activity
  3. Click on Click a DOM element if present

  1. Click Select element for the If Selector. The Editor window will minimize and your screen will look something like this:

  1. Hover your cursor over the call to action button and select it.
  2. Click Use It!
The Editor window will open.

  1. Repeat the same steps for the Click Selector element.

Save your walkthrough and test by clicking the Preview button. Your walkthrough should open then immediately redirect to your other page.

Auto redirect

To configure this to automatically redirect, open the walkthrough editor and click on Load Behavior in the Settings column. Add 1-500 in the Auto Show on Load field, and update the Start date and the End date, if needed.

Save your help item. Refresh the page and confirm the page automatically redirects.

Updated on December 19, 2023

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