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I don’t see the administrator menu icon

Applies to: VisualSP
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If the VisualSP administrator menu ellipses are nowhere to be found on your interface, this brief guide is here to assist. Follow these concise steps to locate and access the administrator menu icon.

There are three possible reasons:
      1. You do not have Administrator or Editor rights in VisualSP Online. Here are instructions for adding an email to a permissions group.
      2. Your email is in the Blocked Users list. Ask your Administrator to unblock your email address.
      3. If you are certain you should have Admin or Editor rights, most likely you are not activated using the correct email address that is associated with your subscription. To check, click on the VSP Help tab to expand the help panel. In the upper right corner of the help panel, click the person icon:
        At the top of the next screen is where you can see what email address you are activated as:
        If the email is incorrect, click the Click here to deactivate VisualSP Online for this browser link and input the correct email address. An activation code will be sent to you via email that you will need to input into the next screen. Once you are activated using the correct email, you should see the admin menu ellipses.
Updated on January 9, 2024

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