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Install VisualSP onto a modern SharePoint farm

Applies to: SharePoint 2019, SharePoint Subscription Edition (SPSE), VisualSP
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It is very important to follow all steps exactly as they appear below. SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Subscription Edition (SPSE) have some architectural differences that create some specific requirements for deploying VisualSP. After installation, please refer to the customization articles to learn how to customize the system to your needs.

  1. Download the WSP package from this link.
  2. Download the SPFx application extension from this link on our support site.
  3. Upload the application extension to your on-prem app catalog(s).
  4. Run the following PowerShell Commands in your SharePoint Management Shell to deploy the WSP package to your farm for all web applications and site collections.

    Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath C:\Temp\VisualSPOnlineHelpApp.OnPrem.wsp
    Install-SPSolution -Identity VisualSPOnlineHelpApp.OnPrem.wsp -AllWebApplications -GACDeployment
    #Get all web applications
    $WebAppColl = Get-SPWebApplication
    Foreach ($WebApp in $WebAppColl)
    #Get all site collections
    $SiteColl= Get-SPSite -WebApplication $WebApp -Limit ALL
    Foreach($Site in $SiteColl)
    Write-Host "Activating VisualSP for" $Site.Url -f Yellow
    Enable-SPFeature -identity $FeatureName -URL $Site.URL

  5. This deployment method will work when direct internet access from the server is restricted or unavailable. However, the VisualSP application runs client-side in the internet browser, so you will need to test the success of the deployment from a computer that has internet access and can access https://visualsponline.azurewebsites.net.  If web access is blocked from your server – do the test from a desktop by visiting one of the sites from that SharePoint farm.
  6. Note: For VisualSP to run properly, you should whitelist the following URLS:
    • visualsponline.azurewebsites.net
    • media.contextall.com
    • static.contextall.com
    • api.contextall.com
Updated on September 21, 2023

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