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With VisualSP successfully set up and poised for implementation, the next pivotal step is introducing your users to the platform in a seamless and informative manner. An effective strategy for this purpose involves utilizing a VisualSP walkthrough, specifically designed to guide users through the functionalities and benefits of the new tool. Conveniently, we have a pre-prepared walkthrough titled "VisualSP - A Guided Walking Tour" that is readily available for your use. You can schedule this to auto-load for your users.

This walkthrough guides users through using VisualSP, showing them how they now have quick access to support materials.


You may also want to introduce VisualSP to your users via email. Here is a sample email template you can send out to your users as an introduction to VisualSP:

Email template

Download Our new self-help system email template. (Link will download a .zip file.)


Here is the infographic that you can use in your own email communication.

Introducing VisualSP to your users through a guided walkthrough establishes a strong foundation for their interaction with the platform. This strategic approach not only ensures a smooth onboarding process but also fosters a positive user experience, setting the stage for users to leverage VisualSP effectively in their daily tasks and activities.

Updated on January 10, 2024

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