Introducing your users to VisualSP

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You've purchased VisualSP, now what do you do?

A big part of user adoption is to properly and sufficiently communicate VisualSP as a self-service option for help and support within your organization. To help you accomplish that goal, here is some content you are free to use as part of your communication to introduce VisualSP to your users.


An important first step toward user adoption of VisualSP is the proper introduction to the tool through corporate communication. Here is a sample email template you can send out to your users as an introduction to VisualSP:

Email template

Download Our new self-help system email template. (Link will download a .zip file.)


Here is the infographic that you can use in your own email communication.


Use this short overview video in your email.

  Download Intro to VisualSP


Use a VisualSP walkthrough to introduce the tool to your users. See it in action by clicking the button below. You can download the Help item file and upload it to your environment.

View VisualSP - the basics

Updated on March 17, 2021

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