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Main Panel Advanced Properties

Applies to: VisualSP
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If you would like to edit the UI properties of the help panel, there are some things you can control as a subscription admin with VisualSP.

You will find these settings by going to the hamburger menu in the help panel and clicking on Manage My Subscription and going to the Subscription tab.

Scroll down to the Look and Feel section and expand the Toggle Main Panel Advanced Properties section:

The toggles control the display of the following elements:

#3. User form that is displayed at the bottom of the help panel when a user is not activated

By toggling off these elements, they will be hidden from the user interface.

You also can change the link URL and the link text for these items as well:

You can change the links to point to an internal document library or other support documentation. You can also insert the search variable if you would like to redirect the search to your SharePoint site, or even to Bing or Google.  Just use "{q}" for the search parameter - eg: bing.com/search?q={q}

Updated on November 16, 2022

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