Install VisualSP for Dynamics CRM

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These instructions will help you install VisualSP for Dynamics CRM.

  1. Download the Dynamics managed solution package.

Note: Before importing the solution into your tenant, unzip the file and change the Subscription ID in the Customizations.xml file to your Subscription ID, and then rezip the package.

  1. Go to the Advanced Settings page:

  2. Click the Settings dropdown and select Solutions:

  3. From the solution management page you can import our solution:

  4. There's a job that runs after you do the import which builds out the ribbon XML pieces so the tab may not appear right away, but will usually appear within a few seconds. The job will continue to run (at least over 10 minutes) which will prevent you from importing it again if you make changes.

Once updated, you'll see this:

If you don't see the help tab immediately, clear your cache (Ctrl-F5).


This is controlled by a Microsoft timer job so it could be up to 24 hours before you see the tab.

Uninstalling the Application

Need to uninstall your managed solution? Please refer to our Deprovisioning VisualSP support page for instructions.

Updated on November 15, 2023

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