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Welcome to the VisualSP for Dynamics CRM installation guide. These instructions will walk you through a quick and seamless process to integrate VisualSP into your Dynamics CRM environment. This guide ensures a smooth installation for an enhanced CRM experience. Let's get started and unlock the full potential of VisualSP for Dynamics CRM.

  1. Download the Dynamics managed solution package.
  2. Navigate to the Power Apps home page
  3. Select "Solutions" from the menu to navigate to the Solutions page

  4. Select "Managed" tab from the Solutions menu

  5. Inside the Managed tab, select "Import Solution" from the top menu

  6. Within the Import a solution modal, select the "Browse" button and locate the VisualSP for Dynamics managed solution you downloaded earlier

  7. Click the "Import" button and wait for the import to process
  8. Verify the imported solution and click the "Next" button

  9. Set the required Environment Variables for Clarity ID (optional) and VisualSP Subscription ID (required) and click "Import"

  10. Once the Import Process completes the page refreshes. Note the status message that "VisualSP In-App Training for Dynamics 365" is currently being imported

  11. The import process can take up to 45 minutes according to Microsoft documentation
  12. Once the import process is completed the "VisualSP In-App Training for Dynamics 365" will appear in the Managed Solutions pane and be ready for use in Dynamics 365

Uninstalling the Application

Need to uninstall your managed solution? Please refer to our Deprovisioning VisualSP support page for instructions.

Updated on January 15, 2024

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