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Partner/Child Administration for Master Subscriptions

Applies to: VisualSP
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If you are a Master Subscription Partner with VisualSP, then this article is for you! VisualSP has created a new partner management system that makes managing your customer subscriptions a breeze.

Manage Parent/Child Subscriptions

How a Master Subscription Works

As a VisualSP Partner, you purchase one large subscription and then sell "seats" to your customers. We set up your customers under your Partner subscription, which makes managing them very simple. Here is a quick tutorial on how we make managing your customers easy:
  1. Whenever you bring aboard a new customer, just email us at support@visualsp.com with the customer name, email pattern (ie @example.com), what Content Packs to include, and the name and email of the subscription administrator. We will setup the customer subscription for you and associate it with your master subscription.
  2. In this example, we have setup the partner subscription (Partner - Demo) and added 2 child subscriptions (Partner - Demo/Child 1 and Partner - Demo/Child 2). When you activate your subscription, you will have the option to Switch Subscription in the help panel menu:

  1. Clicking Switch Subscription opens a panel that lists all of your child subscriptions you are managing:

Before we switch to another subscription, let's Enable Edit Mode and open the Help Item Editor window. After you create a help item you will see a section called Partner Settings and a toggle called Share with Child Subscriptions. Let's toggle this to Yes:

With this setting toggled to Yes, the help item you are about to create will be visible across all of your child subscriptions. If you have a help item that is custom to a specific child subscription, all you have to do is switch to that subscription by going back to the Switch Subscriptions window and clicking on the appropriate subscription name. Let's click on the Partner - Demo/Child 1 subscription. The help panel will display the child subscription name and logo:

Now when you create a help item, it will only appear in the Child 1 subscription.

When you click Switch Subscription again, because you are in the Child 1 subscription, you will see Partner - Demo and Partner - Demo/Child 2:

Creating and Sharing Help Items

Best Practices

To help with managing your help content, we recommend that you add tags to the help content you create. This will make it clearer what help content originated at the parent level or at a child level. For example, if you were to tag help content that originated at the Partner level and is available across all child subscriptions as "Parent" and then all content created specifically for Child 1 as "Child 1", then when you are viewing the help gallery in the Child 1 subscription, you can see at a glance which subscriptions the help items originated from.


Note: You will only see the parent content and the child content at the child level. In other words, Child 1 would only see content created by the Partner and for Child 1. You would not be able to see any content from Child 2 in the Child 1 subscription.

Learn more about tags and term sets here: Work with term sets.

Adding content to some child subscriptions but not all

You may have a situation where a help item isn't intended for all of your child subscriptions, but you want to add it to more than a single child subscription. This is what we recommend: Export the help item from the parent subscription and manually import it into each of the desired child subscriptions. Here is more information on using the import/export function.

Analytics For Parent And Child Subscriptions

Updated on December 19, 2023

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