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Provide Automated Tier 1 support for your users

Applies to: VisualSP
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VisualSP extends beyond a traditional support framework by seamlessly integrating automated Tier 1 support directly into your users' workflow within Microsoft 365 or any other web-based application. With the VisualSP Help tab, your end users are equipped with in-context assistance wherever they navigate, ensuring a frictionless and efficient support experience.

The VisualSP Help tab is a dynamic companion that follows your users throughout their journey, delivering on-the-spot answers through a variety of formats such as videos, annotated screenshots, banners, web pages, Rich HTML, and more. This contextual support ensures that users receive relevant information precisely when they need it, minimizing disruptions and fostering a self-sufficient user community.

As an administrator, you gain access to a robust analytics report that provides valuable insights into user interactions with the VisualSP Help tab. This comprehensive report details which help items users are clicking on, the search terms they employ, their location within your site when seeking assistance, and other pertinent metrics. This granular data empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize support resources, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your support strategy.

To witness VisualSP's automated Tier 1 support in action and explore the full spectrum of its capabilities, we invite you to watch our demonstration video. This concise presentation offers a firsthand look at how VisualSP seamlessly integrates into your users' daily activities, providing real-time assistance and contributing to a more streamlined and responsive support ecosystem. Explore the future of user support with VisualSP – where assistance is not just a resource but an integral part of the user experience.

Updated on January 10, 2024

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