Sharing Help Items

Applies to: VisualSP
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To help a colleague, e.g. on how to create a new document in SharePoint, simply share a link to the help item. The Help Item will be viewed in context, on top of the application page where it applies.

If you are an administrator, make sure that the Edit Mode is not enabled. When you click on Enable Edit Mode, the edit icons replace the link icons. If the recipient does not have permission to view the page where the help item applies, access to the help item will be denied as well.

  To share a Help Item, simply copy its link and send it. When the recipient opens the link, VisualSP will display the Help Item on top of the Microsoft 365 page where the Help Item applies.
  1. Go to a page of an application where the Help Item is relevant. e.g. a SharePoint Site home page.

  2. Click on the VisualSP tab to open the contextual list of Help Items.

  3. Find the Help Item that you want to share, e.g. Create new document: step by step.

  4. Click on the link icon next to the Help Item. The link to the Help Item will be copied to your clipboard together with the current page of the application, e.g. the link to a SharePoint Site home page will be copied together with the link to the Help Item, Create new documents: step by step. The image below shows how the complete link will look like.

  5. Send the link either via email or instant messenger.
  6. When the recipient clicks on the shared link, the Help Item will open on top of the page of the application. The Help Item will be displayed in context. Wherever you are in an Microsoft 365 application, if you share a link to a Help Item, the page of that application will be shared along so that the Help Item opens in context.

Whether you are a part of a support team or an end user, sharing Help Items gives you the ability to send contextual help to your colleagues whenever help is requested.
Updated on January 27, 2021

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