Using VisualSP with Dynamics

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Our Help System provides in-context, on-demand help to SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and other browser-based applications. It provides walkthroughs, task based video tutorials, tips sheets and annotated screenshots to help users when they need it most. In addition, it has the capability to accept in-house created content or content from the web and display them in-context as well. This tutorial will show you how to use VisualSP with Dynamics, but the steps are the same with any SharePoint, Microsoft 365, or other browser-based application. After you have deployed VisualSP, either as a custom action for SharePoint Online, or through our browser extension for Microsoft 365, and navigate to Dynamics, you will see the VisualSP help tab in the lower right corner of your screen:

You can customize the default location via the Manage My Subscription page, or users can drag and drop the tab to their preferred location. This location is stored as a browser cookie, so it appears in the same spot as the user navigates through your site. It is important to teach your users that they should click on the help tab when they need help. Clicking the tab will open the help panel, which will have the help items available in that scope.

To access Administrative pages, click the hamburger menu on the panel:

To start adding custom help items, click Enable Edit Mode and click the green Add Help Item button. From the Template Gallery you can change which application the help item will appear by clicking the Application drop down and selecting a different application scope:

Next select the Blank Help Item template:

The View / Media Type is where you select the type of help item you wish to create.

Here are some specific support articles on Creating a Basic Walkthrough, Creating Video Help Items, and an Inline Help tutorial. After you have created one or more help items, they will appear in the help panel.

You can also access a Manage My Subscription page from the hamburger menu. Here you can manage your subscription, add users as Editors, view a gallery of Help items, and view your analytics.

VisualSP is a powerful, yet easy-to-learn application. We encourage you to jump right in and start creating help items that solve a business need or provide contextual help to your users. We offer many different support articles at to help you learn and get the most out of VisualSP. Got a question you can't find an answer to? Just send an email to and one of our customer servicer engineers will be happy to assist.
Updated on June 21, 2021

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