Viewing Analytics in VisualSP

Applies to: VisualSP
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VisualSP Analytics records activities happening in the application and allows you to view who is using the application, which help items are being consumed, by who, and by how much, which scopes (SharePoint Online, Yammer, OneDrive, PowerApps, etc.) are being used, and more.

Only Subscription Administrators with an Enterprise license can view the analytics.

To view the analytics:
  1. Click on the top right menu.
  2. From the hamburger menu, click on View Analytics.

  3. This will open the Analytics tab on the VisualSP Help System Management screen. From the App Scope dropdown menu, select the application scope for which you want to view the analytics. For example, All App Scopes, Azure, Flow, OneDrive, etc.

  4. From the dates fields, select the Start Date and End Date.
  5. From the chart type icons, select whether you want to see data in a line chart or pie chart. Or simply download data as a CSV file.
  6. Under Clicks by Browser section, view which browsers are being used. View data as a line chart or pie chart, or download data as a CSV file.
  7. Under Clicks by Viewer / Media Type section, view which media types are being consumed: walkthroughs, videos, or web pages.
  8. Under Clicks by User section, click on a plus sign next to a user email address to view which help items have been consumed by that user. Click on the download icon to export the data as a CSV file. To protect user's privacy, you have the option of displaying GUIDs (globally unique identifiers), which will replace user's email addresses and display random numbers instead. Send an email to to request that this option be activated in your environment.
  9. Under the Clicks by Url section, view how many help-item clicks have occurred FROM various locations. This helps to identify user pain points and places where you might prioritize your efforts to curate content, offer more help, and / or simplify the experience.
  10. Under Clicks by Help Item section, view the number of times each help item has been consumed. Click on a plus sign next to a help item to see which users have consumed that help item.
User activities are recorded in VisualSP Help System and are always available for your future reference. Analytics are only available with an Enterprise subscription. If you initially start out with a Standard or Express subscription and then later upgrade to an Enterprise subscription, historical analytics will become available.  
Updated on April 3, 2020

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