VisualSP Farm Solution Troubleshooting

Applies to: VisualSP Classic
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Users can’t see the VisualSP Help Tab

Add the Domain Users group as Readers to the VisualSP Farm Hub site to provide read access to VisualSP Help content to everyone.

After a successful installation, no Help tabs show up at all

It is possible that if an environment is heavily branded, our components don't show up. Please contact us so we can verify this alongside with you.

Help tab appears in one web application but not the others

  1. At the time of installation, you can select which web applications to deploy the Help system to. The other web apps might not have been chosen when installing the product.

You can verify this by navigating to Central Administration → System Settings → Manage Farm Solutions. Then click on the solution sharepointvideos.visualsp.wsp. On the next screen, you can see the web applications that the solution is deployed to.

  1. Another possibility for this issue could be that the hub site has been set per web application instead of for the whole farm. This can be checked by going to Manage Help Provider Sites setting in the General Application Settings page (in Central Administration).
  2. Make sure the sppkg file was deployed to the app catalog of each web application.

Help tab does not show up in a site collection

A site collection will show the inherited Help items (if inheritance is turned On) in addition to any other Help items that are configured at the site collection level. A site collection designated as the VisualSP Farm Hub is a requirement in the VisualSP Standard and Enterprise editions. This Farm hub can control all Help items in the farm from one location. Each of the web applications can optionally have a content hub as well that can serve Help content to all site collections below it.

A user can’t see the videos while others can (error "Media failed to load")

Clear the browser cache just in case a previous version of the product is still cached. Next, see if the user can access the videos directly from the document library at the VisualSP Farm Hub where all the videos are located. Doing this will remove any custom code from the equation and we can make sure that the video plays directly on the system. Another thing to try is to add the VisualSP Farm Hub site to your local intranet zone and trust it

Users with Internet Explorer 11 can’t successfully play videos

This issue sometimes surfaces with the audio on the player for IE11. We have to change the players to use WMP for the audio to work. In other words, instead of selecting the player as “Default Video Player” customers should select “Windows Media Player” as the default player.

The Installer stops with the error setting up VisualSP site settings

An error such as the one in the image below This error can occur when the VisualSP Farm Hub site does not have a site template applied to it.

Install of VisualSP application hangs

A log file is produced at the same location as the VisualSPInstaller.exe file. Log file is named VisualSPInstaller.exe.log. This file has the information on if anything is stuck in the process. Another way to check for errors is to check out the SharePoint log files. In extreme situations where the issue/error cannot be determined properly and the application has to be uninstalled manually, remove/uninstall the following solution from SharePoint Central Administration: sharepointvideo.visualsp.wsp

Some Help item icons don’t show up on the Help ribbon

This is usually related to the help items not being completely available in the search crawl. An incremental search crawl usually fixes this problem.

Clicking on VisualSP Help Settings produces the error “Sorry something went wrong”

The resources files (SharePointVideos.VisualSP.en-US.resx,, etc.) might not have gotten deployed to this web application at time of installation. This usually happens if the web application was not selected during installation as these files get deployed when you deploy the solution to a web application. Please re-run the install and be sure to select the web application in question so the resource files get deployed there.

License key was updated, but the new functionality doesn’t show up

Plan on a 15 minute wait from adding a key to a complete update across SharePoint site collections.

Help tab does not show up on default.aspx pages

If the ‘Wiki Page Home Page’ feature is deactivated in a site, default.aspx page is used as the home page of the site. To show the Help tab on the default.aspx based home page of the site, use the ‘URL Defined Scope’ feature.  For each of the Help items you would like to show on the default.aspx pages, declare ‘/default.aspx’ as the targeted destination.

Help tab inline help disappears when overriding Help tab with VisualSP web part

There is a minor bug when you select the Override Ribbon Tab option in the VisualSP Web Part. The Inline Help that usually appears on the Help Tab, is no longer available.

A work-around for this would be to also add a Custom Inline Help Target of #Ribbon\.VisualSP\.HelpTabWebPart-title. This causes it to show up for both.

Help tab does not show up on a Publishing site until I go into Edit mode for the page

By default, none of the tabs show up in a Publishing site (including our Help tab). The Help tab is configured to show when other tabs are shown in a publishing site.

Changes to help items (new or existing) are not taking effect

VisualSP on-prem uses caching to speed up performance of the system. If you would like your changes to the help item to be immediate, please disable caching. Caching can be disabled in VisualSP Provider Settings under Site Settings.


Common Procedures

Retracting and removing the farm solution

Below procedure shows how to retract and remove the VisualSP farm solution. Note: You must have access to Central Administration to follow this procedure. 1) Navigate to System Settings → Manage Farm Solutions

2) You should then see our farm solution on the next page.​

​3) ​Click on the solution. Once on the next page, you can click on Retract Solution

​4) Once it’s fully retracted from the environment, a link will appear which can be used to remove the solution.  
Updated on March 10, 2020

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