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VisualSP Online Installation / Deployment Options

Applies to: VisualSP Online
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VisualSP Online can be installed, or deployed, in a variety of ways. Use the chart here to select the best method(s) for the needs of your organization.


Office 365

Browser Extensions

– Available for IE10, IE 11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (Click here for minimum requirements.)
– Can be installed by individual users (Click here for instructions.)
– Can be deployed via Group Policy (Click here for instructions.)

Site Collection Installation Wizard

– Can be installed by any Site Collection Admin
– Runs on any Windows desktop
– Installs in one site collection at a time. (Instructions are made available after the Trial or Production Subscription has been setup. Click here to request a Trial Subscription.)
– To support Modern UI, an Office 365 Admin must upload a .sppkg to the App Catalog

Site Collection Installation Wizard instructions.

Deploy WSP via PowerShell

– Must be installed by a SharePoint administrator (Click here for instructions.)
– Installs the solution throughout the farm
– Subscription ID is set in Central Administration
– In existing site collections, must be enabled via PowerShell or in Site Collection Features
– In new site collections, Feature will be enabled automatically
– Only option if you are using multi-factor authentication

Deploy VisualSP via PowerShell instructions.

Associate via SharePoint Online Management Shell

– Must be installed by an Office 365 administrator  (Click here for instructions.)
– To support Modern UI, an Office 365 administrator must upload a .sppkg to the App Catalog

Embed code in master page

– Only available for Classic UI SharePoint pages

Updated on October 24, 2019

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