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VisualSP vs VisualSP Classic

Applies to: VisualSP, VisualSP Classic
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VisualSP offers two options of our in-context learning system to support various versions of SharePoint – VisualSP (our client-side solution that also supports other web applications) and VisualSP Classic (our server-side solution that only supports legacy versions of SharePoint on-premises)Both options provide similar functionality and support overlapping versions. Your choice will depend on a combination of environment, user interface, and features. The matrix below highlights the differences. 

  VisualSP  VisualSP Classic 
Environment  SharePoint 2013-2019  Office 365, any browser-based application  SharePoint 2010 through 2016 
User interface  A help panel accessible by clicking a tab handle attached to the edge of the browser windowSupports both the Modern and Classic UI  A custom tab added to the SharePoint ribbon; Supports only SharePoint Classic UI 
How is the application deployed?  Browser extension; Installation Wizard; PowerShell; Embed script into app pages  Installation Wizard; WSP & PowerShell 
Help media type  Interactive walkthrough; Rich HTML; banner; Custom embed or object tag; document; image; video; web pageinline help  Video; document; image; custom embed or object tag; web page; inline help 
Supported languages  English; French; Spanish; Chinese (Simplified); Dutch (Netherlands); German; Italian; Japanese; Portuguese (Brazilian); Russian  All SharePoint language packs 
Help items will auto show on load?  Yes  Yes 
Limit visibility of help item based upon SharePoint permissions?  Yes  Yes 
Display help item based on application scope?  Yes  Yes 
Analytics available?   Yes  Yes 
Copy a link to a Help item?  Yes  No 
Is the Help content customizable?  Yes  Yes 
Is custom video content available?  Yes  Yes 
Are walkthroughs available?  Yes  No 
Updated on July 21, 2020

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