Walkthrough limitations in Microsoft 365

Applies to: VisualSP
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Walkthroughs work on all Microsoft 365 apps. The exception is when you are editing a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Online document. This is due to the fact that Microsoft is using iFrames for these interfaces which are not supported by our application. This also means that neither out-of-the-box nor custom walkthroughs are possible within these workspaces.

There is one other caveat to remember: The VisualSP Online app does not work on the "To-Do" app at all.

All types of Help items can be created on the welcome screens of Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online
Walkthroughs cannot be created when in the editing environment of Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online. However, All of the other types of Help items can be created!
VisualSP Online does not support the "To-Do" app
Updated on January 27, 2021

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