Creating a Basic Walkthrough

Applies to: VisualSP
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A walkthrough simply highlights the sections of an application interface where the tasks take place and points to links on which to click, giving guidance to a user at every step of a workflow.

To create a basic Walkthrough, go to the VisualSP Help System Management tab.


Only users with editor or administrator permissions can be able to see the menu icon and create help items.

  1. Click on the top right menu.

  2. From the drop down menu, click on Enable Edit Mode.

  3. Then click Add Help Item.

  4. The VisualSP Help System Management window will open. The walkthrough Media Type will be selected by default. Add a title (required) and description (optional) to your walkthrough.

  5. Select the Group name and Position in Group. This is the category and position your help item will appear in the Help panel.

  6. Click on Switch to Walkthrough Builder.

  7. Add a Title and your Content.

  8. Toggle Show As Splash Screen to display the step as a splash screen, or click Select Element to attach the step to an element on the page. In this example we will click Select element. The Editor window will minimize.

  9. Select a Target Element, e.g. News heading. Then click Use It! The walkthrough editor window will re-open.

  10. Click the Preview Walkthrough button to check your work.

  11. This is what our walkthrough looks like so far.

  12. To add another step, click on Add Step.

  13. Continue building out your walkthrough and checking your work by Previewing. When you're happy with the results, click on Save Help Item. Your basic Walkthrough becomes available immediately in the category selected earlier ("Overview" in this example).
Updated on April 6, 2020

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