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Best practices for increasing user engagement with VisualSP

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You as the customer have invested in VisualSP as a support system for your organization. Naturally, you would like to maximize the user benefits through large-scale adoption of VisualSP throughout your organization. Here are some best practices you can do to increase user engagement with VisualSP.

Customize the Help tab

There are several things you can do to customize the help tab that will increase what we call ‘the stumble factor’ – the likelihood your users will stumble across the help without you showing it to them.

  1. Replace the VisualSP logo with your own. You can upload a custom logo for the help tab (24 pixels x 24 pixels) and for the help panel (32 pixels x 32 pixels). This increases visibility by adding an element of familiarity to the help tab. It will increase the click rate for the tab.
  2. Update the title of both the tab and the panel. When your user clicks the help tab, our help panel slides out from the side. At the top, next to your custom logo, you can change the title of the application. Something like “<Company name>’s Help System” assures the user the VisualSP help system is a company sanctioned application.
  3. Place the default location of the tab to a position that works best for your users. You want it to be out-of-the-way, yet easily accessible. We have found it best practice to place it in the lower right corner of the window. Read more: Customize the help tab in VisualSP Online

Sign up to receive your organization’s feedback emails

In the VisualSP help panel, there is a Tell us what you think! link at the bottom of the panel. This feedback goes directly to VisualSP, but most real-life submissions are feedback about the site hosting the VisualSP tab rather than the tab, itself. We encourage you to add your email address into your subscription settings so that you receive a copy of all feedback that we receive.

Read more: Receive feedback through the VisualSP feedback link

Your subscription to VisualSP includes hundreds of help items your users can start using immediately. Here are some ideas to help jump-start the utilization of our help content. Realistically, your users are much more likely to use those items if YOU also use them. Here are some easy ways to start doing that.

  1. Sending links to help items. You and your Support Desk can easily copy a link to a VisualSP help item and include it with their response to end-user support questions. The link will open the help item in the context of the page where it applies, increasing the user’s comprehension.
  2. Embed links on pages. The ‘copy link’ functionality described above can be used insert and group help links on a common landing page.
  3. Create inline help tags. Help items can now be exposed directly in the interface of your site as inline help icons directly attached to buttons and menus you want your users to click (or potentially, to not click…).
  4. Auto-show help items. All of our help items can be configured to automatically load when a user visits a page after a set number of visits.

Create a custom GROUP of help items

The VisualSP Help panel is customizable. You can add your own group names and populate the group with our content or your own custom content with a simple configuration change.

Stimulate interest by creating groups such as Top 5 things you need to know, or Most popular help items. You can easily configure the content in these new groups to show globally, instead of just in a specific location. This helps give better visibility to your most frequently needed answers – regardless of where the user happens to currently be browsing.

Provide easier access to your internal support organization

The VisualSP Help panel is a convenient location to provide links to your company’s support system. The links can easily be configured to appear across all scopes. These can be links to:

  • Open a support ticket
  • Teams/Yammer/Skype instant messaging link
  • Help / support site

Maybe your organization has an LMS, and internal Knowledge Base, an informal wiki site, or another library of help material. This material, such as videos, blog posts, user guides, job aids, policies, etc., can either be within your company’s Intranet, or stored elsewhere on the web. You can easily put links to that site (or even individual resources on that site) into the VisualSP help panel.

Offline events of interest to the entire company can be evangelized as help items the VisualSP help panel. Train your users where to go to find the latest training schedule, lunch ‘n learns, and Power User community events. These help items can be links to separate web pages, a document, or a Rich HTML pop up window.

Use as your announcements portal

Instead of (or in addition to) announcing things via email, get better exposure by auto-showing those announcements as a help item. Use it for platform / migration / upgrade announcements from IT, Power user community event invitations, corporate deadline reminders, or intranet announcements for content managers.

Updated on November 4, 2019

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